Breanna Cooke is a Dallas-based graphic designer known for her award-winning body paint and costume creations.

She combines her passion for climate advocacy with her painting and design experience to create vibrant and eye-catching art that spurs conversation about climate change. Along with creating her own art collections, Breanna does freelance graphic design work and body painting for events and private photoshoots.

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Originally from Toronto, Canada, Breanna grew up drawing and taking art classes, then earned a B.A. in Studio Art in 2005. Breanna's experiences in body painting began in 2007 when she started incorporating body paint into her extravagant Halloween costumes. Her signature style blurred the lines between what is skin and what is costume or paint. That style merged into her graphic design work when she started creating digital art to print onto fabric and apparel.

When Breanna began volunteering with Citizens’ Climate Lobby in 2016, she felt empowered to bring more climate messaging into her art. It has led to her collection of climate “artivism” pieces over the years, which range from body painting works, prints, stickers, and activewear. 

When she’s not working, she enjoys adding new plants to her pollinator garden, rollerskating, and training her dog.


Her body painting work has taken her to the Texas Bodypaint Competition in San Antonio, TX where she placed 1st in 2018 and Living Art America’s North American Bodypainting Championships where she placed 3rd in 2017. She was also on the Horror Nights makeup team at Europa Park in Germany in 2015.

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